Selling things again!

25 Feb

Hi hi,

I’m purging again!  Buy my things cause Shop n’ Swap never wants them.

Earrings: $2/pair
Headbands: $2/headband
Books: $3/each except for Survivor,which has a bit of brown paint on the front.

The books are all Chuck Palahniuk.  Titles: Survivor, Haunted, Lullaby, Fight Club


Today in really awful headlines

1 Dec

“Pet spaying, neutering offered for First Nations” … ml?cmp=rss

CBC Comment of the day

14 Nov

“The crematoria at Auschwitz were built by I.A. Topf and Sons of Erfurt, those at Dachau and Lublin by C.H. Kori GmbH.

The most important was I.G. Farben, the German chemical monopoly. IGF had a substantial interest in one of the companies making Zyklon B, the poison used to gas the Jews. (The director of that company got five years; the heads of the other one were hanged.) The Allies ordered IGF broken up after the war but the pieces are still around, including such well known companies as Bayer and BASF.

These companies made millions. I am sure there is a lot of money in Abortions too. Good reason for having abortions here instead of Halifax or Moncton- money.”



You can’t make this stuff up

Guardian Comment *of the decade*

9 Nov

“Correct me if I am wrong, but hadn’t Sarah McLachlan’s mother considered aborting her at one point? I’m certain I heard that on a documentary a few months back. If so, and had that abortion clinic been within arm’s reach, well,I’m sorry but I do love that song “In the Arms of an Angel.’ And I am happy she was spared so she could give it to us.” , name ‘ArmsofanAngel’



DVDs- $3 each or all of them for $10

11 Sep

Sideways, Napoleon Dynamite, Idiocracy, Running with Scissors and Eagle vs. Shark

All of them SOLD to Kandace except Napolean Dynomite

Stuff I’m selling

11 Sep

$10 – great deal. Goes up to 300 degrees and got it as a christmas gift. Works like a charm but can’t quite handle my crazy hair – would be fine for almost anyone else.

$10 – Beautiful boots from Modcloth that have been worn maybe twice. Size nine.

SOLD to Emma $2 for the necklace, one dollar for the hat.

SOLD to a girl on Shop N Swap $3 – this is a great belt. I got it from Vanessa who wore it around her hips. I wore it around my waist. I love it.

SOLD to Emma A buck each

SOLD to Emma fifty cents each. I think some are real silk but others definitely aren’t.

Unique and cool TED talk

21 Jun

Miwa Matreyek’s glorious visions