Free Books

8 May

I’m purging some of my books. Are you interested in any?  I’d prefer if they went to a good home and didn’t sit on shelves!  Many of them are recent/advances from when I was at Bookmark.


Ann Eriksson – Falling from grace
Nicholas Ruddock – The Parabolist
Joseph Monninger – Eternal on the Water
Miguel Syjuco – Illustrado
Sandra Brown – Rainwater
Todd Babiak – Toby: A Man
Tracy Morgan – I am the new Black
Walter Lippmann – A preface  to morals (non fiction, philosophy)
Lionel Shriver (especially well-reviewed) – So Much for That
Paul Tremblay – The Little Sleep (very cool cover)
Isaac Deuscher – Stalin (biography)
Anna Elliott – Dark Moon of Avalon
Harvard Lampoon – Nightlight (Twilight parody)
Danielle Trussoni – Angelology
Buzz Hargrove – Laying it on the Line
Ann Herendeen – Pride/Prejudice
Monica Kidd – Any Other Woman
ML Malcolm – Heart of Lies
Penelope Lively – Family Album
Lee Henderson – The Man Game
Paulette Jiles – The Colour of Lightening
Peter Darbyshire – The Warhol Gang
David Gordon – The Serialist
Nahoko Uehashi – Moribito
Maggie Stiefvater – Linger

There’s nothing wrong with any of these books, I just don’t have room for ’em 😦   Free to a good home.


One Response to “Free Books”

  1. Vasileios Gretsistas November 26, 2011 at 1:41 pm #

    are you still having any of those? I am interested in the “Eternal on the water”…Thanks!

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