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Mix for Driving

6 Feb

When I worked at the Confederation Centre Gallery as a Saturday receptionist, there was a really cool exhibit where the artist took pictures of her garbage for a year.  Sounds silly and pretentious but it was actually awesome.  You could imagine narratives from the garbage.  Why did she throw out lobster?  Did she have a date?  Does that explain the two pints of Hagan Daaz in the trash two weeks later? It’s the only memorable exhibit from my short career as a receptionist, but I still think of it from time to time.  That exhibit gave me quiet approval to be a pack rat and save all my notes, movie stubs, old mixes…all in the hopes of forming a narrative more romantic than my actual mundane life.

So here is a playlist that I made yesterday for Mom’s car.  There hasn’t been a new CD in there for about three years.  This mix breaks all the rules.  It’s got a bunch of music from the same artist, no theme, happy and sad music, it doesn’t flow, etc etc.  It’s awful but it sums up nicely what I’ve been listening to the last few months.

my brothers are going to hate it


1.I love that Antlers album in a sick way.
2. I’ll never apologize for Ke$ha.
3. Re: the two songs with Nicki Minaj – the parts without her kinda suck
4. Liz Phair came to me at the perfect age and I don’t care if she makes me a stereotype
5. The Sufjan song is the only one I like from his newest
6. I really like the Faded Paper Figures album.