CBC Comment of the day

14 Nov

“The crematoria at Auschwitz were built by I.A. Topf and Sons of Erfurt, those at Dachau and Lublin by C.H. Kori GmbH.

The most important was I.G. Farben, the German chemical monopoly. IGF had a substantial interest in one of the companies making Zyklon B, the poison used to gas the Jews. (The director of that company got five years; the heads of the other one were hanged.) The Allies ordered IGF broken up after the war but the pieces are still around, including such well known companies as Bayer and BASF.

These companies made millions. I am sure there is a lot of money in Abortions too. Good reason for having abortions here instead of Halifax or Moncton- money.”



You can’t make this stuff up


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