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On the topic of graduation

10 May

I can’t count the number of times I’ve recalled this conversation from October 2009 that I had with Casey.  He is prescient (and maybe kinda cruel)


I am glad you asked.

10 May

Honestly, I love school and I have a feeling I’ll being in formalized school for most of my life.  But I did a lot in my undergrad.  And I didn’t take a full courseload.  So leave me the eff alone while I quietly finish up my degree.

Free Books

8 May

I’m purging some of my books. Are you interested in any?  I’d prefer if they went to a good home and didn’t sit on shelves!  Many of them are recent/advances from when I was at Bookmark.


Ann Eriksson – Falling from grace
Nicholas Ruddock – The Parabolist
Joseph Monninger – Eternal on the Water
Miguel Syjuco – Illustrado
Sandra Brown – Rainwater
Todd Babiak – Toby: A Man
Tracy Morgan – I am the new Black
Walter Lippmann – A preface  to morals (non fiction, philosophy)
Lionel Shriver (especially well-reviewed) – So Much for That
Paul Tremblay – The Little Sleep (very cool cover)
Isaac Deuscher – Stalin (biography)
Anna Elliott – Dark Moon of Avalon
Harvard Lampoon – Nightlight (Twilight parody)
Danielle Trussoni – Angelology
Buzz Hargrove – Laying it on the Line
Ann Herendeen – Pride/Prejudice
Monica Kidd – Any Other Woman
ML Malcolm – Heart of Lies
Penelope Lively – Family Album
Lee Henderson – The Man Game
Paulette Jiles – The Colour of Lightening
Peter Darbyshire – The Warhol Gang
David Gordon – The Serialist
Nahoko Uehashi – Moribito
Maggie Stiefvater – Linger

There’s nothing wrong with any of these books, I just don’t have room for ’em 😦   Free to a good home.

Hello and welcome

1 Mar

Bonus feature: slow death

Wednesday – Cookies, Zac, Laura, and Patrick (not pictured)

10 Feb

Yesterday for my act of kindness, I made cookies and brought them to Zac, Laura and Patrick.  They were hanging out at Laura’s place.  We hung out for a couple hours and I had a lot of fun being an idiot and remembering stupid things we’ve done together at parties.

Laura’s moving to New Zealand for a few months and it’ll be really weird not having her around.  We’ve been hanging out in her mom’s den since I was 12.  Not that I’m there every week now, like I used to be, but it’s still an institution.

The cookies weren’t great and the picture is worse.  But you know, it’s the thought that counts.

Tuesday nice thing – the kids are alright

9 Feb

This post is part of my week long commitment to do something very kind every day.

Have you met my little brothers?  Often they’re idiots but sometimes they’re alright.

John Thomas and Patrick are 19 year old twins studying engineering at UPEI.  They’re okay.  They didn’t inherit the brains or the charm, but they did get burly muscles.  They help me move my stuff all the time, drive me around, and are generally much better brothers than I could’ve asked for.

So I bought them each a quart of liquor.


Their reactions:




This is probably an indicator that I need to do nice things more often.

Blog of overdue apologies (Monday’s nice thing)

8 Feb

Yesterday I decided I was going to do one especially kind thing every day this week.  So far, so good.  At a bit of a roadblock today though, since i have work, then class, then some late-night editing before work tomorrow… but I digress.

The level of yesterday’s success depends on your definition of kind.  I sent a long-overdue apology to someone I used to be quite close with.  I was pretty awful to him at the beginning of the year.  I regret that and missed him so I sent him an email and now we’re resetting our friendship.  Honestly, it wasn’t particularly over-the-top kind.  It was a little necessary.  But I might not have done it except for my week-of-niceness resolution, so I’m glad I did.