Student Union Elections: Who will win, and who should win

8 Feb

This is the first year that I’m not covering SU elections since third year.  I loved covering them, but I always lamented that I couldn’t comment on what was going on behind the scenes.  I look forward to these elections annually because they are similar to how I imagine Hobbes’ state of nature playing out.  Vicious, cutthroat, and without any real organization.

But because I covered them in the past couple years, I never really got to give my important opinion.  But this year I can!  So here you go:

President Contenders (incumbent: Rob Livingstone):
Megan Jennings
Rob Livingstone
Amanda MacKinnon

Who I’d pick:

Who I think will win:

Rob should take this.  I like both Amanda and Megan a ton, but Rob is an exceptional candidate/incumbent.  He’s a hard worker, he’s incredibly easy to talk to/get along with, he’s represented UPEI well so far, and he cares very much about improving the student union.  Rob rolls with the hits fluidly and fixes things as required.  He’s exactly what UPEI needs as a president.  Amanda and Megan both have experience in a leadership opinion – the former managed the wave and the latter does a host of things, but is most known for being NSO coordinator – and neither performed as well as Rob.  That’s not  a hit on either of them.  Rob is just outstanding.  /gush

The only way I can see Rob not winning is if Megan split Rob’s votes and Amanda came up the middle.  We shouldn’t rule that possibility out.

Executive Vice President Contenders (outgoing: Kyle Murnaghan)
Josh Coles
Ali Younis

Who I’d pick:

Who I think will win:
Could go either way – I will say Josh

Josh is clearly the better candidate in this one.  I’m not sure what Ali’s motives are for running – according to the cadre twitter, he doesn’t know what CASA is and this position is basically lobbying.   Unfair or not, Ali will be lumped in with the Younis reign of 2009-2010 and I think people are sick of that era of student politics.  He still has a awesome shot because if there’s one thing Shawn Younis and his friends are good at doing, it’s winning elections.

Josh, on the other hand, is the most committed UPEI student on campus.  He was great to work with at The Cadre.  As well, he’s creative, fresh (in all ways possible), affable, and well known.  He’d be a great representative for UPEI.

VP Activies Contenders (Incumbent: Logan O’Brien)
Logan O’Brien
Brittany Banks
Allan Corney

Who I’d vote for:

Who I think will win:
No idea.

Ehn, I don’t know how this is going to go.  I’d vote for Brittany if I had the chance.  I like Logan and I don’t know Allan, but I’ve heard great things about the latter.  Instead, this is going to be a pitch for Brittany:

Brittany worked for me with The Cadre.  She had a thousand things on the go, but was prompt and thorough with her articles.  I like her a ton.  She gives 100%, is modest, is capable, and is committed to anything she’s in.  She’d be a great fresh face to livening up the campus outside the Wave – something that everyone’s said they’d do but no one has done since the mid aughties.

I guess things are going poorly at The Wave this year.  I don’t know how much of that is on Logan.  Probably not as much as people are going to think.

Other Field Notes:

-In all of these positions, there’s no clear winner.   That pretty much never happens.
-The success of this year’s UPEISU (and I would say they were pretty successful, minus being broke) kind of lies in the hands of Kate Vangerven and last year’s council.  I was against creating a position for VP Communications, but I think it made all the difference in the world having Kate update the website and do her stuff, like making synopsis videos after council meetings.

Also, I would love to hear some comments on what people think is going to happen.  this one is tough to predict, especially since I’m not on campus every day anymore!

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