7 Feb

Yesterday before bed, I was cozied up with my last cup of fortune-tea.  The piece of paper at the end of the teabag has an inspirational quote or cliched phrase that is supposed to guide your day.  It never really does for me.  My day is usually pretty booked up without tea bag commands adding extra stress.  I read them anyway.  Yesterday’s was Put more positive energy into the world.  Well, okay, sure.  Whatever.  I chucked the teabag into compost on my way to bed.

But then I started thinking about how quiet and repetitive my life is.  How I’m losing touch with old friends because I don’t reach out to them.  How I rarely tell my current friends how much they mean to me.  Etc. etc.  I don’t need to get preachy but you get the point.

So! This week I resolve to ‘be the change’ or do something kind for someone daily.  My aim is to achieve something that would make my day, if it were done to me.

And then I’m going to blog about it.

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