No one who doesn’t work for google is a ‘google optimizer’ and most social media experts are scamming you.

26 Jan

That’s probably not a great headline given that half of my job title is ‘social media secretary,’ but lookit –

There are definitely ways to make your company/brand appear on google more effectively than others.  If you live in Charlottetown and own a store that owns pencils, it makes sense to name your domain or your company ‘Charlottetown pencils’ if you’re looking for Google hits. But do you need to hire a consultant to tell you that?  As well, incorporating your name or your industry into your website should be common marketing sense.  Social Media isn’t a big bad new playground.  It’s the same old playground with a couple extra pieces of equipment.

This is a simplification, but, ironically, you could get all the social media tips you need online.  There’s no need to hire a social media consultant if you’re familiar with very user-friendly platforms like twitter, flickr, linkedin, etc.  There’s merit in hiring someone to monitor your online presence at all times – that’s just good business sense.

Anyway: If you or I had the ability to make our website come up at the top of any google search, google would be ruined forever.  My Charlottetown Pencil search might be good if I’m in Charlottetown looking for pencils – but how useful would it be if I was searching wrenches in Malawi?  The precise reason that Google is so great is because it can only be tampered with minimally.   I use Google because it links me to the site I’m looking for, not a corporation or political party.

To conclude: buy a book, don’t bother with a social media consultant.


One Response to “No one who doesn’t work for google is a ‘google optimizer’ and most social media experts are scamming you.”

  1. Ben February 7, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    You’re forgetting that any book on social media would be obsolete before it finishes the editing stage, let alone get published, launched, and delivered. But you are right. Hiring a social media consultant isn’t very helpful. Just tell the truth, be informative, and talk to people!

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